I Want to EscapeMature


It's night time again.  Time to escape this prison I call a home.  Tasia sat on his bed, waiting for the last sounds of people around him to just fade into the eases of sleep.  It took about five minutes, then he was up and tossing things into his rucksack.  Tonight was Thursday, wasn't it?  He had plans to go and meet Steven just on the edge of town so they could start their night runs.

Tasia flipped his messed black hair out of his face as he shouldered the pack.  He had to move quickly and quitely, his mother's boyfriend had noticed his escapades at night, and Tasia knew that if he were caught again he would be risking the chance of being kicked out.  His mom feared her boyfriend than she loved him anyway.

Tasia opened his door and crept into the hallway stealthily.  He passed the closed door on his right, and into the living room.  He pased the window next to the door, and briefly glanced out to see the moon was partially covered with whisps of clouds, making the light glow like an ominous halo around it.  When he turned around, he jumped, as his mother's boyfried stood infront of the door he was planning to escape from.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked in a very no-nonesense tone.  Tasia cursed softly and glared at the other man and let his bag fall to the floor, and when he spoke he didn't even try to hide his anger and impatience.

"I'm going out, now get out of my way."

"You have no right to speak to me that way, your mother would be very upset if she heard you."

"You know, Jack, I don't give a crap about how upset she'll be.  You have no darn right to tell me what the heck to do, and I don't plan to listen to you.  Now get out of the way and let me out." Tasia chewed his tongue in anger.  He hated every gut in this man, and he would enjoy pounding him to peices.

"So you're going to be smart with me?"

"Yes I am."  That was all Jack need to aim at punch at Tasia.  Barely missing the blow, Tasia ducked, and while Jack was off balence, he snatched his bag and made a break for the door.  He slammed it infront of the other man's face and started sprinting down the road, away from his house, suddenly glad for what he had done.

The b*stard deserved it for the abuse he had done to Tasia's mom.


Tasia kicked a rock around as he waited for Steven to appear.  His conscious was starting to creep up on him, and every minute he waited increased the risk that Jack would come looking for him.  Finally, after what seemd like an hour, but was probably only ten minutes, Tasia saw Steven's truck down the road.

Tasia let out a sigh of relief and stepped back, out of the road.  The only thing was, he stepped on the lip of a foxhole, and as he started to back up, he tripped backwards.  As he fell, his temple hit a log that had been moved out of the road, the pressure from the hit knocked him out and suddenly he was asleep.

That's why he was so confused when he "woke up" in a cabin with people staring at him.

The End

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