Bree by Day, Aisling by NightMature

Bree by Day. . .

I sat at my school dest, huffing and puffing with utter boredom. It was only me who was bored in this pathetic lesson, yeah. Just me. Because they don't have the same power as I do. What do I care about other people when I've got myself to take care of? I mean, my life has taken a big twist since my first sleep last month.

It was last period, then I'd get home, get changed, eat my dinner, do a bit f homework and maye have a shower before I went to bed. That's my routine. It's simple and quick and takes up loads of the time I want to waste.

Because, I'm probably the only girl in my class who really wants to go to bed and the only girl in my class who can't deal with sleepovers.

'Cause I have a secret, a power and epic extra life that mysteriously links into my own. I call it, "the night life" but the supposed "characters" in there call it the, "Deadly Rasping Dream World" and they say they were trapped there by monsters. I don't know why I'm getting so caught up in a dream.

I mean, what the point in caring if it's seomthing pointless, right? But that's incorrect. Only in that dream am I fully accepted. That dream. . .it's like. . .it's almost real! I've been wondering if I'm driving myself insane with these weird thoughts, but it just feels so right being there. I feel as though I can run away forever and never have to come back here again.

Partly because I have a totally different appearance there, like, it's made me into someone much more beautiful than I actually am!

Aisling by Night. . .

As my eyes drooped, I could feel the portal opening, sucking my soul into the "night life world" and leaving my body behind. My eyes flashed open, I sat bold upright, gasping for air.

'We have preserved your body as you wished, Warrior Aisling.' A young women smiled, bowing her head. I grinned at her, jumping off the table on which my"Aisling" body was kept when my "Bree" body was awake. To be honest, I don't know which is the real me anymore!

'As always, your accent entrances me.' Coil, the servant boy winked from the doorway, his hand on his hip. But this was a joke, because he was married to my head maid, the women who kept my body safe, Joanne.

'It's not an accent, Coil. I'm Irish. This is a normal voice for me!' I told him sternly, 'if anything, your the one with an accent!'

'Please don't bicker, you two!' The caring Joanne laughed, 'you need to get some food down you, Warrior Aisling! You've got an order from the Duke and the Prince.'

'Who're they? I honestly don't remember there ever being a duke and a prince in the Night World!'I said, shocked. As far as I was aware, I was one of the highest ranked people next to the King of the Night World!

'They have returned to their posts, much alike to you. You, Aisling, were the first to arrive in this world. You must visit the new "characters" and guide them. You will then travel as a group to find other "charaters", only then will the real dream begin.' Coil informed me, nodding his head curtly at nothing.

'I already know about my being a character, but. . .' I turned to Joanne, 'were you ever a character?'

'No, I was just born, as was Coil. I expect you'll meet a few former trappe-- er, I mean, you'll meet a few former characters on your journey.' Joanne smiled, blushing as she stumbled over her words.

'Hmm. Whatever! Can you get someone to make me a bacon buttie? I'm starving to death here!!!' I grunted, as I pulled on my armour and hoisted my sword over my shoulder, 'and quick. I wanna get going.'

'Yes, yes of course, Warrior Aisling!'

See? I'm treated like royalty here.




The End

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