Rasping DreamsMature

a collab on some kids who are sucked into a demonic dream every time they falls asleep.
Kids from all over the world enter this place and exit it in the morning, with no means of escape until then.
A team called the Crooked Craftsmen, just who are they? did they create this place or is it all a figment of their imagination?!

A rasping dream, a fearful night,

only filled with horror and fright,

the misunderstood kids who enter this world,

will soon have to learn how to deal with the the place they have been hurled,

dancing upon the demonic floor,

screaming and lashing out, and yet, coming back for more,

the Crooked Craftsmen, just who is that team?

and is everything as it seems?

Why is it everytime they slip into a slumber,

people with false faces enter their lives quickly like a storm with lightning and thunder?

How can they escape?

When they are bound to this world like tape?

How can they fall asleep when they know, that all that lies between them and the Rasping Dreams is the will to keep their eyes open. .  .?

The End

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