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It's not until I start going through my old stuff that I realise just how much writing was a part of me. I always thought that for me writing didn't really be important until college finished and I joined protagonize. Before that I thought of writing as something I had random spurts off. But in all the goodbye cards and random notes and story plans spanning back years – I'm starting to realise the moment I decided I was going to become a published author someday was inevitable.

I have a t-shirt from my primary school in Norfolk, which I left when I was 10. Half of the comments on there are to do with my writing. Admittedly it was just poems back then, but it struck a chord to read them. I know I'm aiming high, and maybe I'll never make it. But having that aim, that purpose keeps me going. It gives me the determination to get through bad times and ignore the darker more depressing thoughts.

But the biggest point about Norfolk is the time it was. It was before it all got bad, before I started to really hide in my head. Its proof that what happened to me when I was a kid didn't define the direction of my life as much as I once feared. I know it sounds weird to worry about something like that, but I do. But now I won't. And I find the old t-shirt reassuring me that I'm definitely choosing the right path.

Okay, random rant over.

The End

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