All my inner thoughts of you.Mature

Just felt the need to write about my amazing boyfriend :)

Do you realise how amazing you are? Because trust me, you fucking are. I've said it dozens of times to my friends and they just smile and agree, oblivious to the reasons why. They don't know how comfortable I am around you. How easily I fall asleep sprawled on the sofa with you. Or how safe it is in your arms, my head buried against your chest.

Everyday life and worries can make it all rush by. The I love you's get lost in the heavy tide. But there are times that pass so slowly, and darling, you're in every one of them. Lazy days of watching bad TV shows cuddled at your side. Laughing over the silliest stuff. I get hyper over the sugar rush that only you provide. I feel all the worries drain away when I look into your eyes.

But that's only part of the amazement that is you. You've waited and waited, patiently. You've held and listened everytime I fell apart. And with gentle kisses and blunt words, you've put me back together each and everytime. There's no need for secrets with you, no need to hide any truth. It's taken me a while to separate this world from the cruel memories of long ago. But if you'd never been there, it may not have ever occurred.

You are amazing. I can't wait to move out and start living my life with you there everyday. And put simply, I love you.

The End

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