New job and stuffMature

I started my new job today. First thing first – Everyone is amazing and really, really nice! :D It's definitely more interesting than my last job and there's loads to learn. But I just feel excited rather than nervous about that side of things.

It's also part-time, so until they find me temp jobs for the rest of the week. My Mondays and Fridays will – hopefully – be non-stop writing :)

Expect more First Love and Freefall to come along. I'm also working on another new solo story but until I've got the storyline pinned down and a decent amount written I won't be posting.

I also had a brilliant long weekend away so I'm in an unbelievable happy and relaxed mood. It's a nice thing :)

(I haven't forgotten Hunter & Prey, I'm just making sure the storyline works before I launch into writing the next part)

The End

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