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Pre warning: this is going to make me sound idiotic.

For ages I was frustrated with myself. I managed to get as high as #14 in the protagonize top 50. And I spent unnecessary hours beating myself over the head thinking I wasn't good enough because I couldn't get into the top 10. I know, dumb right?

I guess when I've spent so long thinking writing was all I was good at it annoyed me that actually, I wasn't that good. Even though I've been in the top 50 for god knows how long. But my brains a bit flawed that way. It doesn't take in what I've already accomplished, just what I haven't.

I wasted about twenty minutes ranting about it to a friend before I looked at the top rated page and decided to stop. To just let it go already. I might never get in the top 10 authors. But all that means is there's room for improvement. All that tells me is that there's much, much more I need to grasp and learn when it comes to playing with words. And I look forward to that idea. To getting even better than I am.

So I'm in the top 50, so I'm at least part-way there. Of course there's no such thing as a perfect literary piece. And to ever expect to produce one is just foolish. When I first joined this site I never expected to get more than decent feedback on my work and a few close friends. The latter is definitely true and I'm glad I met you all so much.

So to end this rant, I'm telling the mean part of my brain to shut up. I mean, I managed to get featured once. I never thought that would happen. What's a rating anyway? I'm always the one pushing for written feedback. So really, my brain is just being stupidly contradictive.

The End

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