A few days ago someone said something to me and despite my efforts to ignore, it's stuck.

“You have the reputation of being a nice person,” since when? And why?

Sorry if this sounds rather silly to be bothered by it, because being told your nice is, well nice. But I don't want people mistaking nice for being someone who always says good things.

That's not the way I work. I'm nice, yes. I don't think it's necessary to phrase things in a mean way. But as well as nice I am stubborn, self-conscious and horribly analytical and brutally honest. The last part being the thing you should zero in on. If I say I think your writing is good. That's that. I'm not sugar coating, I'm not sucking-up, I'm telling it as I read it.

When I judge writing I look at the word choices and how the sentences work together and flow. The general grammar and spelling things, though a typo hardly bothers me in the scheme of things. I'm seeing how you develop and introduce your characters to me, or if it's poem or lyrics, how you make me feel the emotion you're feeling in that moment.

I don't take rating lightly, don't think I do. When I give a 5*, it's because I genuinely can't think of ways to improve other than fixing one or two typos, which as I've already said, don't concern me much when I'm reading. If I do give you a low rating, I make a point of saying why, because as I say myself, it's pointless without some pointers. That being said, If I read something and see someone else has already given it a rating and commented with the same criticism I had, then I'd leave it alone. No need to repeat advice someone's already had once.

And if anyone needed proof that I can be something other than “nice”, read my lyrics. There are few very angry ones in there if you need more evidence.

The End

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