Job IssuesMature

You guys might have noticed me mentioning jobs in my recent lyrics/poems. That's because i had a job to go to after my current contract ended but now I've found out there's no guarantee I will get it afterall. In fact I'm pretty certain I won't at all, and my contract ends in 5 weeks xD

Yay for economy causing a recruitment freeze in the NHS....

But being stubborn me I'm joining the temporary staff until I can find something. The plus is I can pick my work days, so might work 4 days a week rather than 5, so I have more time to write. But the bad side is there might not be anyway that needs work, which would equal no moneyz - And that would suck :(

Oh well, going to try and stay hopeful for the future, but this has caused me so much stress its unbelievable...

The End

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