I really hate it when the smallest thing pisses me off, or worse makes me bawl my eyes out. Now bear with me here because I will sound like a sad computer gamer. But I play a game called Left 4 Dead. In it you have versus, four people are survivors, four continuously respawn as special infected to attack survivors. In a general games with randoms, I accept seriousness and winning to become the main priority. In a silly game with just your friend I don't.

I expect it to stay light-hearted and fun with zero stress involved. One of my closer online friends does not share this discrimination between the two. And most of the time I accept when he makes the game serious.

But today I just had enough of it, he wanted to change alltalk to teamtalk cause it was distracting him. Basically cutting out a big chunk of the joking around and silliness. So I responded by becoming ultra serious and not talking in the slightest to anyone. Unsurprisingly a team mate picked up on it and made it clear that the other person had done something wrong. The person did nothing in response. I did it for two rounds and then had enough.

I “ragequited” as we called it. Only the term used for anyone leaving before a game finishes was a lot more applicable to me in that moment. And I'm still furious as hell. Especially since a mutual friend of ours had an above and beyond sucky day and me and him agreed we should keep the game fun to cheer him up.

When you have has a bad day and all you think about is deadlines at work and how on earth your going to manage this or that in time, you don't want to then get into a serious game. If I wanted one, I would've picked a random game lobby. But I rallied my friends so it would be fun and great and immature and silly. Everything that cheers you up.

I know I'm being hypocritical, there are times I'm really competitive and just want to win. But I try to pre-warn others that I'm in that mood. If I don't pick it up until part-way through a game, I'll apologise for it.  

He never does.

The End

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