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This may sound weird. But all I want to do right now is be able to walk to the bus station from work with the sun in the sky. The memory of the simple task won't leave my head. I want it to be warm and sunny again and to be able to enjoy small things like that again as a result.

I'm hoping this on-going writer's block ends soon. At the moment I've mostly been editing and looking at the storyline of Foreign Stars, might alter the way I've done it so far. Though it won't involve any deleting of what I've written just a reshuffle of events to come if I change it like I might.

I remember years ago when I thought changing a storyline was terrible and unfair to the story. Since then I've learnt that sometimes trying to keep every little event and give every minor character a big backstory is draining and will probably ruin the story. The biggest area this is changing is my baby vampire story. Blood Carnival gave me a few ideas of how I can alter its direction. I'm planning to introduce some characters sooner so that it'll be easier to meet them again in the next series. Least that's the plan.

I'm not going to say my desire to write has returned. It never left. But I'm still waiting for the little spark that says “go for it and don't look back”. That's still proving hard to do and before protag this was actually quite normal. I always took a backseat during winter and then the moment the sun was back, the writers block was gone. Protag is the first writing forum I've been on and the first place where I've had collabs making me fight through that period. And while I appreciate the kick to keep going. I think I need to face facts, that for me winter is going to be about editing what's been written, never new stuff.

And that doesn't bother me, in fact knowing there's a subconscious plan for how my writing will work comforts me. I won't get the buzz of new writing. But I'll get the buzz of making something better. And don't worry, I'll let you guys know the moment I'm back and ready to rejoin the collabs. And I think I'll need to make a mental note not to join collabs too soon to winter!

Hope you guys are all good :)

The End

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