Happy TodayMature

I'm unbelievably happy today. Yesterday me and my best friend met up in town after work and just talked, just the two of us. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed that. We didn't go into my depression or anything but I said a few things about my SAD and she told me about some of the bad stuff going on with her. And of course we joked and laughed like we used to and oh my god, feeling so much relief.

I was worried this was going to become an irreparable friendship and then after one night I realise how dumb I've been. And if you pay attention to my lyrics you may have noticed that the most recent one are especially happy for me xD But we might make this meet-up thing a regular thing every other Friday, yay. 

And I'm also over the moon happy for her since she and her boyfriend of three years are engaged, I know some would be critical because they're both still quite young but meh. I've seen them together and I don't see how it can't work out.

Oh, And this weekend I'm making gluten-free bread. Let's hope i don't burn the place down *fingers crossed* :)

The End

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