How things change...Mature

Things people seem to associate with me nowadays:
Hard-working, confident, headstrong, ambitious, amazing.

Some of these words make me go duh, while others make me go say-wha? For instance, hard-working...well yes...I have a job, so I do it. Isn't that what other people do? o.0
And ambitious, well I feel pretty pointless if I wasn't working towards something in life. Last I checked most people want to move upwards in whatever career they have. Though throwing the want to be a published author on top might be tipping the scales? I don't know...

Headstrong? That's kind of a compliment and insult at once, so I honestly have no clue what to think of that one.

Confident? Apparently people haven't known me long enough, because confidence is not something I'd say was a present about me.
Amazing? Yes, I'll just push that into the no-go area, because I am nt going to go about and list the hundreds of reasons why that isn't so.

When I started my apprenticeship I didn't expect people to be so surprised when I did what they asked me to do right, I didn't realise photocopying or getting patient notes was a serious skill. Then I found out that I was the first decent apprentice they'd ever had. Which made me wonder what the hell the others could've done wrong? Am I making myself sound conceited? I don't know, I don't go above and beyond in my job. I'm even now a little socially awkward with my colleagues. Whenever I get praise I don't know how to respond.

Of course the obvious, “Gee, good to know I'm a good office lackey,” but I thought that be a bit off-putting. Maybe the difference is I don't complain out loud but in my head when I get a job I hate? I just get on with it. I've always been that way.

Anyway! I did actually have a point when I started this whole thing. At top, words I currently hear. Below, words I used to hear:
Useless, pathetic, ugly, dumb, weird.

The last one never really bothered me, who wants to be normal anyway?!
But yeah, strange to see the difference. And I can't figure out if this means the kids bullying weren't just idiots, but big idiots. Or if I've just changed a lot from how I was back then. I'm guessing a bit of both. Anywho, random rant end.

The End

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