Why Music?Mature

I've always wondered what it is about music that calls to us so deeply. Art holds some resonance with me, so do films I guess. But it's music with it's carefully constructed chord sequences and beautiful lyrics that fall and rise so well with the rifts that seem to get a hold on us the strongest.

I've always had a wide interest when it comes to music. I can honestly say the only genre I'm not a fan of is screamo. I used to dislike rap too but I do occasionally find a song I like. Usually because the lyrics are so unlike me I find it amusing.

I find it incredible that so many artists can put down in various words how I feel. There's a song for every single possible mood. When I just feel empty and used up. When I regret the crap I've had. When I just feel like giving up.

The power of words is so horribly underestimated. Words cut deeper than a knife ever will. They can be woven into amazing stories, heartbreaking poems and wonderful lyrics. Maybe it's my own opinion here. Maybe art or something else calls to you more. Maybe your connection is to something else.

I guess it only makes sense that it be words. If I'm asked to sum up my issues or feeling in spoken words it sounds blunted, simple, never ever scratching the surface of it all. I always think for one to understand me. They just need to read my lyrics. But even then, they won't. Because we all take our own interpretations. The way words whirl around each other can mean different things to different people.

Words are such a complicated art even though the rules that regiment them are so simple. Not that I always follow them. I guess this whole wondering was sparked yesterday, I was feeling down (previous chapter) and was listening to my “Sad Songs” playlist on my ipod. (orginal name right? xD) I always start it off with the same song. Like I have to follow a pattern. Certain songs can't play until I’ve listened to the more depressive ones. The optimistic ones have to wait till near the end. And I will always end with one song too.

(In case your curious the first song is always “Goodbye Lost Innocence” by Alana Grace and the last is always “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato.)

It's like I take myself on a emotional roller-coaster. Take me all the way down so I can cry myself out and then I slowly bring myself back up. Reminding myself I'm not as weak as I think. That I can withstand a lot.

I'm not really sure what else to say here. I doubt I've exhausted this topic. But for the moment I can't think of anything else to say.

The End

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