Drifted ApartMature

Sorry, but if I don't feel like going out today what can I do? You want me to force myself to go out when all I'll do is make your day cloudy with my current miserable mood. Jesus, you never want to deal with me when I get depressed so you should be happy I'm leaving you be. Enjoy your birthday with your boyfriend. Don't third wheel me or anything.

And to be frank, I do feel like we're slipping apart. We've changed a heck of a lot. You've become much more girly and outgoing than I'll ever be.
Now don't give me the pissed off and curt “fine, bye”. Because you know F*** you. I don't claim it's your fault for not knowing things. I know I don't get much of a chance to talk to you anymore. But that's because I have a Job now. Funny thing is that sucks up 5 days of your week. While you can go to your second college to mess around with people. For me, those days are over. Everyone I knew from college is in uni. And I don't want to meet your friends before you suggest. Not that you have. Am I embarrassing or something now?!

Sorry if I'm a little intense, but that’s just me. Best friends forever is a cruel phase. I hate it when my parents are right. Because they said we’d drift apart and now look where we are. Don't claim I don't put in effort. It's always me who has to come to you. I know we only live two streets away (which makes this all the more goddamn depressing) But how about you attempt coming over mine for a change? And the whole “my house is more interesting” bullcrap can piss off in this instance. Because guess what? I'm going through hell right now with all my crap. And I'm sorry to rant this all on your birthday but for gods sake that curt bye was kind of the last straw. I don't have the time or energy to see you every other week.

Now you think I'm pushing you out to spend more time with my boyfriend? I recall you doing the same for a longggg time. And I spend more time with him because he gives a damn and is willing to listen to me. You just want me to go back to being happy and carefree like I used to be, but that isn't happening. Not anytime soon.
Now kindly leave me the f*** alone a while. 

The End

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