So recently my moods have been a little up and down and all over the place. Which is partly to do with my family, my own stuff and possibly work.
I recently found out that I have coeliac disease, which means no more gluten food for me. Now when was still waiting to have the result confirmed it didn't bother me. The idea of it seemed easy and I figured it would benefit me at the end of the day (since if I kept eating gluten it could lead to serious issues in later life like, as an extreme example, cancer).

Of course now I realise I seriously overestimated my willpower. I know there's a lot of more gluten free stuff available than there used to be, but its still one heck of an adjustment. None of the gluten free bread I've tried is even remotely good so that's basically cut out. The pita are good though, so been eating those a lot more. I suppose that's the plus of this, I've no other choice to eat a heck of a lot more fruit than I ever used too, so I’m eating healthier. Luckily this weekend I did discover a sweet thing (Macaroons) I could have that I absolutely loved – and my local shop sells them (whoop!). And now that I've been sticking to it for a while, I'm started to notice less stomach aches, which is the only symptom I had.

How it was found out was by accident when I went in ED with dehydration (Lovely stomach bugs that just kept making me throw up, ugh) and they found an iron deficiency through blood tests. (To be honest, getting used to needles now).

I said my family was an issue, and that's because at the start my mum would make teasing comments like, “shall we have a fish and chips?” when she knows I can't, any potatoes that get processed generally gain gluten and everything in that place was battered. And of course she complained about how expensive the gluten free food was. She seemed to forget I never actually asked for any of this. 

And work? Well that's just general stress. I've done two interviews now and haven't got the job. I've got two more coming up and hopefully I’ll pull it off this time. With the first, yeah I failed the interview totally, but with the second I did a lot better. But the job was a fairly high one and they said I needed more experience. As my manager pointed out though, getting an interview for it in the first place is a good sign. But yeah, interview this Friday, another one on the 6th. Hopefully I'll manage to get one of them.

I think I just successfully updated you on the recent events of my life. And explained my recent inactivity. But don't worry, next week I have a long weekend sorted, so will be doing some writing them :) As well as experimenting with gluten free flour and cooking stuffs with my boyfriend.
And making him watch all the Paranormal Activity movies in I don't care about your opinion of the movies. I love the idea of ghosts and that's all I'ma say.

(Note: The idea, don't actually believe)

The End

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