I don't believe in the whole idea of “soulmates” or any other term that fits the bill. The idea that fate or some higher power is involved in someone finding another half in my mind makes no sense. Because if something like that intervenes and makes us find that chosen “one” then why doesn't it intervene in other things. Or better yet, why does it put us through break ups before letting us meet the person.

I think it's all luck when meeting someone. A person who shares a similar mindset as you but is still different to a certain extent. Who has some life experiences similar to you but again, different ones. There has to be a good balance. My current boyfriend (who is fricken awesome!) is a good example. We've both been through depression so he gets what I go through sometimes and vice versa. Some people seem to have an issue with the age difference between us (I'm 19, he's 25) but in my mind it couldn't be any other way. Most guys my age are too immature to handle me I think. I tend to be quite a serious person and due to my own life experiences I need someone who's able to wait a decent amount of time for me to be ready with certain aspects of a relationships.

Also they have to be able to handle all my messed-up-ness, which my guy does surprisingly well.

I'm not trying to say there isn't someone out there that's perfect for another person, just saying that the two meeting and forming a great relationship has nothing to do with “destiny” or whatnot. A “god” has nothing to do with us becoming who we are, it's our life experiences. Of course if you believe in a god, then that influences the way your life plays out and is of course a part of you. But the being themselves did not directly make you who you are and in turn, they did not directly make whoever it is you one day fall in love with or already have fallen in love with, perfect for you.

Rant End :)

The End

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