Odd HabitsMature

So, I'm going to attempt to do something I haven’t done before.
List every single one of my habits....this will be fun.

Well the first one is I can't go in the shower/bath without shampooing/conditioning my hair, I know that's bad for my hair but I can't help it.
Another one is every morning for about ten minutes I check Protagonize, but I think we agree that's a good one.

My nervous habits are biting my lips, wringing my hands and moving in my seat, or if standing, moving from side to side a little. My body doesn't understand the meaning of sit still very well.
I also say um a lot, it annoys people. Especially my mother.
I also have that annoying habit of speaking without thinking. The only plus side is when you ask me something, my answer will be completely honest?

My boredom habit is mostly to eat, though that's also what I do when I'm sad. With the amount of comfort eating I do, I'm surprised I'm not more fat to be honest. Another sad habit is blasting music and rainymood (A site that generates the sound of rain, whoop!). Sometimes I'll do a puzzle because there good at distracting your mind from stuff.

I also say things like “No problem” and “It's okay” without thinking, because I usually how no clue how to take thanks you's. And when someone sits me down to tell me I've done something really well, I stumble before saying thanks....I really do need to work on those damn nerves of mine.
And if none of you didn't guess, I have no clue how to act around strangers, though I find that easier than people I sort of know, but don't know too well. To put it simply, my first few weeks at my apprenticeship was kind of stressful. I got thrown from one area to another and so many new people and places did not get on with my anxiety.
I'm sure there are more, just give me a second to think...

I suppose my good habit is I'm scrupulous with everything, I always have to double check my facts. A good thing since my writing can get confusing, I always look back to make sure I'm not repeating something when I write. Unless it's intended of course.
Another good habit if that – once I've had five minutes to work up the courage – if I think someone I know is upset, I will approach them and ask what's wrong. I suck at the giving advice part but I'm always happy to sit and listen.

I suppose a habit that could be considered bad is I hate crying in front of people. Which in some situations makes sense, but in others...well I sometimes wonder if I should let people know. Other habits I should really stop are being so quick to blame myself for everything and clenching my jaw. I do it when I'm stressed or mad and I'm pretty sure it causes 99% of the headaches I get. Or at least it doesn't help.

Now I guess the last set to think about are my paranoid ones. I have a few.
I unintentionally shudder at the idea of wearing a skirt/dress. Same for low-cut tops. Because the idea of showing off my skin and I guess making myself look more desirable panics me. This may also be why I avoid make up but I think that's also to do with the fact that my sensitive skin really, really hates the damn stuff. I avoid sitting next to strangers, especially guys on the bus/train if I can. If not, I guarantee I'm hyperventilating a little. And I guess the most obvious paranoid habit is looking over my shoulder when I walk, especially if its in the dark. And if there's a guy walking behind me, I will cross to street. Not because he's following me, I know he isn't...but my paranoid mind insists he is anyway.

And I'm sure there are more but they escape my mind...if I think them up I'll update this chapter.

The End

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