The sound of rain falling is my favourite sound in the whole world. It calms me down if I'm feeling stressed or mad. It softens the hard edges I feel when depression takes control. I've just always loved it. I feel myself detach from my emotions slightly when I hear it. It's easy to think objectively when I hear that sound.
Or not think at all, just listen and relax. If you didn't guess I usually sleep best when it's raining outside.

And even though rain is damn cold to walk in, I love that too. I mean I love the warmth after when I get home but I still consider those the best walks. Mostly because there's hardly another soul around because not many people like walking in the rain. For that short period of time I can imagine I'm alone in the world and no one is there to expect things of me.

I like it best when I'm in the car. I watch the trails going down the window in child-like fascination and completely forget anything else. Or if there's something so big and horrible pressing on my mind, it helps me hold back the tears until I'm safely alone and won't embarrass myself or bother others.

Basically, I love the rain.

The End

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