"Good" and "Bad" WordsMature

When I try to think up a way to describe a person or a term to refer to them by, there are certain words I always avoid. I'm not sure why. I just think their too impersonal and I want to make sure the person knows I care.

Words I dislike: Hot, fit, kind, nice, pretty, interesting, fine, fond, lovely, baby, sweetie.

Words I love: Adorable, beautiful, delicate, handsome, caring, affectionate, trustworthy, cute, dearest, darling.

The obvious difference is the ones I prefer have more syllables (Except for cute) and I think it's the way they roll off my tongue and the more fragile sound to them that endears me to these words. I have of course used the ones I dislike in stories because sometimes they work with a theme/character.
But personally, I would only ever use the words I love to display affection to someone I cared about.

The End

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