Spring Issues

Terribly bored with no motivation to write anything proper...
Just some stuff I had in my brain....

Spring break started a few days ago. And then of course the moment spring break starts, I get massive allergic breakouts around my eyes with no known cause at all. And so I'm not allowed to eat anything. And my face hurts soo bad. Why?

I finally got myself to post a character in a roleplaying forum. Except for she's really hard to write and I have no experience with roleplay at all. And it turns out dialogue in roleplay is really stifled. And it sucks because that's what I rely on to make things interesting. So, I'm kind of dying and writing is getting a little brain draining.

Also, I'm a little ironically more tired than I am during school. Now that just doesn't make any sense. I've been going to bed earlier and waking up later. More sleep = more awake, right? Apparently not.

Jeez life, give me a break.

The End

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