Sky and Roger (V)Mature

The prospect of school seemed to suck Sky’s spirit out of her after the weekend she’d shared with Roger. After their visit to the park they’d had lunch at Sky’s, shopped for cheap CDs at the local mall, sat together listening to music in Roger’s study (his dfad had perceived a change in the pair’s behaviour and rather awkwardly forbidden them from hanging out in his room), snuggled together on the couch in Roger’s living room watching a rom-com while eating popcorn, Dorito’s and marshmallows and drinking Coca Cola, and sat outside in the garden until sunset, the sight of which had provided a beautiful ending to a wonderful day. On Sunday they did a large homework session and when both of them had really had enough of work they took a stroll around their local area, enjoying the exercise, the pleasant weather and, of course, each other’s company.

Towards the end of their trip out, Sky had found herself sitting on a bench outside a café, nestled cosily up against Roger as they drank coffee out of ceramic mugs.

“I’ve become stuck to you,” she’d joked, though there was an underlying element of sincerity in her next statement. “I don’t know how I’m going to cope tomorrow.”

“Pretend your teachers are wizards recounting fascinating experiences to you,” he’d replied absently.

Sky had laughed. “Is that what you do when you’re bored or distracted?”

“No, but it sounded cool to say.”

“Oh, tremendously cool,” she’d teased.

But now here she was, watching the news without taking the stories in, waiting for Roger to arrive at her front door, wondering if his idea was so wacky after all.

The doorbell rang. Sky switched off the TV using the remote, picked up her bag and rose to her feet. She answered the door and, seeing it was Roger, called out “I’m off,” to her parents. When she heard their replies from deeper inside the house, she stepped outside and closed the door behind her. She turned to face her boyfriend and that was when she finally said, “Morning Roger.”

“Morning, Sky,” he replied, smiling. They began to walk to his mum’s car. “Did you have a good night’s sleep?”

“Yeah,” she said. “How about you?”

“I had a wonderful dream about our class reading ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in English and you and I being those ‘two fated lovers’.”

“Please don’t get any ideas about sneaking into my house at the dead of night,” Sky said mildly.

Roger grinned. He crossed the road to climb into the other side of the car to her. She opened the door on the pavement side and ducked her head to get in. She put her bag at her feet, closed the door and belted up as Roger entered to sit behind his mother.

As they were travelling Roger observed, “You’re a bit quiet, Sky. Anything up?”

Sky had been imagining the day ahead - without much relish.

“The weekend wasn’t long enough,” she answered, looking into his eyes, though all too aware of the third party in the car.

“It never is, is it?” he said, smiling wryly. Sky saw that he was generalising because of the presence of his mother.

Sky shook her head.

“Still, we’ve got English, haven’t we? And our little free period to give us a break after double Maths?”

“But the day ends with Physics,” Sky pointed out.

“It’ll pass soon enough. And don’t forget - you’re dropping it next year.”

“True,” Sky said. “I’ll be dong my German, History, English Lit and Chemistry.”

Roger nodded. “And I’ll be doing French, DT, Geography and Biology.”

“So you can be a multi-career guy,” Sky said, using the term she had invented when Roger had first told her his intentions for the next school year.

“Mm-hmm,” Roger agreed. “My wife’ll never stop being fascinated by my various skills.”

Sky raised an eyebrow.

Glancing at his mother to check she was concentrating on the road, Roger pulled out a small notepad and a pen from a pocket and wrote something down. He then showed it to Sky.

‘Oh yeah. Will you be my wife?’

Sky took the pen and paper from him and wrote, ‘I don’t know. I might be a huge disappointment by finding you utterly boring.’

Roger grinned, re-pocketed his stationery and said, “Well, who can say what the future will bring?”


Mrs Locket dropped Sky and Roger outside the school gates and drove off as the pair walked through, making their way to the building where they had registration. They were a little early so they leant against the wall of the corridor and talked.

“So you think that you’ll fascinate your wife?” Sky asked.

Roger grinned. “Why not?”

“I’m intrigued,” Sky murmured, taking his hand and watching as her fingers wandered across it. She looked up into his eyes. “What were those various ‘skills’ you mentioned? They’re not limited to your knowledge, surely?”

Roger leant forwards and kissed her hair.

“If I ever get the opportunity, I’ll show you,” he whispered.

Sky gave a sigh at the end of her involuntary shiver and drew away slightly.

If,” she reiterated resentfully.

“Maybe if we’re still together in a year’s time, our parents will understand,” Roger suggested. “I mean, ... if we approached them and appealed to them, they’d think us mature and sensible for restraining ourselves for so long?”

“A year?” Sky asked, her tone complaining.

“Maybe six months would do,” Roger amended.

“That’s still so long. And what if they say no?”

Roger shrugged helplessly.

“We go on holiday together after doing our A2’s, I guess.”

“That’s over two years away.”

Roger stroked Sky’s shoulder.

“I know,” he said quietly. “But I also know you’d never disrespect your parents’ wishes. So if we have to wait, we have to wait.”

“Till we’re adults,” Sky said resignedly.

“Nothing will change,” Roger said softly.

Other students were starting to arrive so Roger and Sky lapsed into silence.

A little later, the two were sitting together at a desk in their classroom. Out of the blue, a note appeared on Sky’s desk from her neighbour.

‘I’d quite forgotten. We’ve been acting like we’re together for a couple of weeks now. We’d better not let it show when we delight in the novelty of love.’

‘The novelty of love?’ Sky responded, grinning at him.

When Roger read this he grinned back.

‘Yes, I know I’m weird. Don’t take the mick.’

Ah, if only Roger were in Sky’s every class. How much fun would school become?

Then again, her grades would fall faster than a bomb from the sky.

The End

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