Evan and Marissa (V)Mature

“Last week was a great success for all rugby teams...”

Marissa listened intently, even though she’d never really paid much attention to the sports reports before, even though she didn’t really understand how rugby worked, even though she still wasn’t much interested by the game. She watched Evan as he read out the match reports, let the sound of his voice wash over her and fill her ears and thought proudly, ‘That’s my boyfriend there. We kissed at the Spring Dance and he said we’d still be boyfriend and girlfriend today. Yeah, really Evan Sarry. The most popular guy in school. The rugby captain. Mr Fit.’ Internally she had a little giggle at the last thing she’d called him and felt a non-suppressible grin appear on her face.

When his report finished she watched sadly as he returned to his seat in the Cambridge and March group of seats. She was in Ely and from her viewpoint she couldn’t see him. She listened half-heartedly to the rest of the sports reports, paid a little more attention to the headmaster because assemblies didn’t bore her so much as they did other students and then left the hall amongst other Ely students and students from March when it was over.

Well, at least she knew Evan was in school today. It seemed silly now, but she had worried that he wouldn’t be. She had almost been reluctant to come in, in case he wasn’t here and the disappointment crushed her.

But it was a little disheartening that she didn’t get to see him till break time. Two long hours, one of them a study period, seemed to pass like snowflakes slowly drifting to the ground. When the second class of the morning had finished she wasn’t even hopeful that she would find Evan. She knew that she was over-reacting but she really felt a kind of desperation to see him again.    

Yet, as luck would have it, she bumped into him on the way towards the manor.

“Oh, hey, there, stranger,” he said, smiling at her in a charming way that made her want to fall to the ground at his feet.

“Hey,” she said softly, in awe of him and deeply gratified by Fate bringing them together again.

“Can I hold something for you?” he asked, looking at the folders she was carrying.

“Oh, no, I’m good thanks,” she said.

Evan smiled. “Okay then. Where were you heading?”

“Common room. For some coffee.”

“Mind if I tag along?”

“Oh, no, of course not.” She looked into his eyes. “I missed you.”

“Missed you too,” he said, rather casually but Marissa was certain that he meant it.

They started to walk.

“What did you do at the weekend?” Marissa asked.

“Rugby training, went to the gym, the usual.”

“You work out?” she asked, awed. “You’re really dedicated to sport, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, guess I am.” Evan smiled at her. “What did you get up to?”

Marissa smiled shyly and didn’t quite meet his gaze as she said, “I bought a diary so I could write about all the time we spend together.”

“Wow. That’s amazingly cute,” Evan said, causing Marissa’s heart to swell with pride.

“Thanks,” she murmured, looking up into his eyes.

“Tomorrow’s Bargain Tuesday at my local cinema,” Evan remarked. “You wanna see a film with me?”

“I’d love to,” Marisa said, almost whispering because the thought made her so excited.

Evan smiled. “Cool. And we can grab dinner afterwards - at KFC?”

“Well, I’d have to ask my parents about that - they’ll probably want me back by 8.”

“I’m sure it’ll work out - I’ll drive you straight to the cinema from school, we’ll see an afternoon film, eat dinner and then I’ll drop you back home.”

“Hmm, depends on how far away you live.”

Evan smiled again. “Half an hour away.”

“Well, that might just work then. I live near school so it’ll take you the same amount of time to drop me off as to drive me to the cinema. Will you be okay doing the extra journey to my place, though?”

“Sure I will.”

Marissa allowed herself a wide smile.

“That’s cool. Really cool.” She flushed. “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.”

“You said at the dance. It’s kind of cool to be your first.”

Marissa sighed happily. “It’s really cool for you to be my first.”

After a few minutes they arrived in the sixth form common room. Marissa grabbed a mug and used the kitchenette coffee machine to make herself a drink. She found a sofa to sit on and Evan sat beside her as she drank the coffee. In another sofa, she noticed a girl in the year below who had also done the Mysterious Partner scheme - Sammy, was it? She was chatting to the guy who had been her Mysterious Partner. Maybe Marissa and Evan hadn’t been the only ones to find love that night then. Oh well. She looked up at Evan and smiled, leaning up to kiss his cheek just to remind herself that she was his.

Evan smiled, took the coffee from her hands, placed it out of the way on the floor and held her waist, kissing her on the lips.

While it was break he gave her his mobile number but for the rest of the day she didn’t see him. It was okay, though, because one instance of spending time with him was enough to see her through the whole school day. At home she told her parents about the plan for tomorrow and like she’d guessed they wanted her home by eight o’clock. They seemed happy for her, though, and she was elated at the thought of almost four hours with Evan. Her life was really satisfying at the moment. Having a boyfriend was just something amazing.

Dutifully she recorded today’s event in her diary and wrote about the planned cinema date and her near-murderous anticipation; she went to bed that night with a wide smile on her face.

Lying in bed she replayed the kiss from break time in her mind. She ended up dreaming about Evan, about immersing her fingers in his thick, soft hair and drowning in the blue depths of his eyes, and him talking to her, just about random things, his voice coating the world in a thick layer of softness. She dreamt about dancing with him under a tree at the Spring Dance, and dreamt of him saying, “Rissa, you’re mine”...

The End

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