Evan and Marissa (IV)Mature

When the Spring Dance ended Marissa didn’t want to go home.

“Will we still be together after the weekend?” she asked her boyfriend sadly.

“Of course we will,” he said, chuckling. “I’m not a jerk, you know.”

Marissa blushed. “Oh, I know. It’s just... tonight has been so magical... What if Fate takes it all away from us?”

“Then I’ll come and find you,” Evan promised.

Marissa sighed happily. “I love you,” she said, even though it was a little too early for those words.

“You too,” he murmured, wrapping her in a soft embrace and kissing her hair.

“I’ll miss you,” she said truthfully.

Evan chuckled. “Well, I’ll miss you too. But it’s only two days. You’ll survive, won’t you?”

“I’ll try,” Marissa said. “Can’t say it’ll be easy.”

“I’ll see you Monday,” Evan said firmly. He let go and walked away, presumably in the direction of his car. Marissa stood still for a while, watching him. When he had disappeared around a corner of Fennington Manor, she sighed and began to walk too. She walked away from the manor, out through the school gates and turned right. She had a five minute walk, which, while lit by street lights and happening along the side of a road on which students were queuing, waiting to leave Fennington, made her scared of being kidnapped, raped or killed.

She let herself into her house and locked herself in before going for a shower. Her parents were having dinner out tonight and her brother was out with his girlfriend so she was home alone. After the shower she went upstairs, dressed in soft pyjamas, turned the radio on and tuned it to a station which played classical music for the comfort of the sound and snuggled into bed, falling asleep almost instantly. Her dreams were filled with scenes of kissing Evan, in various places she loved or frequented.


The following day was a Saturday. For fun she went out to Fennington town centre on her own. There she bought a diary from her favourite bookstore, looked at going out shoes in the shoe store, browsed through a charity shop, buying a pretty bracelet of beads whose colours were reminiscent of the sea, ranging from light blue to deep green, and had a drink of hot chocolate in the bakery.

When she came home she put the diary to use.

‘Saturday 9th April,’ she wrote.

‘Yesterday was the most wonderful evening,’ she continued, a line beneath the date. ‘It was the 2011 FMS Spring Dance and I’d signed up for the Mysterious Partner scheme...’

And so she wrote down, with as much detail as she could remember, the events of the previous evening.

‘I want this diary to serve as a souvenir of the relationship,’ Marissa concluded. ‘I am one blessed with fortune and I want to forever cherish the favour Fate has done for me. For us.’

As they’d expected, Marissa and Evan didn’t see each other that weekend. But the girl was certainly thinking of the guy, almost distracted from every other thing by the delightful memories sitting comfily in her mind, comforting her with their presence, making her smile merely because they existed. Even homework didn’t get her down because returning to school was accompanied by the prospect of seeing him again.

Yes, she did miss him, like she’d told him she would. There was always a little pain amidst the pleasure of remembering the Spring Dance because he wasn’t here with her now. How proud she would feel to introduce him to her parents, or even her brother. And she knew that she’d feel like she’d achieved something, like she was making an important step on the path that was her life. But of course it was more the fact she wanted him so she could hug him, so she could touch his face and hold his hands, so she could feel his kiss again, a kiss like the one from the night before,  so pleasant, so right. She’d been born for love, she felt, and not just in the sense of humans naturally having the instinct to reproduce to survive; and now that she had Evan it was like her life was complete. She didn’t think that she would care if spending time with him simply meant sitting around in a quiet place somewhere watching as the world passed them by.

On Sunday night she took a long time to fall asleep, excited as she was about the next day.

‘Oh, Evan,’ she thought. ‘It’ll be so good to see you again.’

The End

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