Sky and Roger (II)Mature

“Do you remember Ashley Mayner?”

Roger frowned slightly. “I do. I really don’t know what I saw in her.”

Unable to help herself, Sky wondered if this was because Roger preferred her over all the other girls. She knew that Roger was her favourite guy, even though their relationship had remained platonic for so long. She held her tongue, though, not wanting to speak this thought aloud.

She grinned as a memory came to her.

“You walked around holding her hand and looking at her like she was an angel.”

Roger looked annoyed.

“Don’t bring that up, Sky. I was 11.”

“Hey, I’m just teasing you. No harm meant.”

Roger still looked unhappy.

“You’re making me feel guilty.”

“Guilty?” Sky asked, confused.

“You had a crush on me, remember?”

“Oh,” Sky replied, embarrassed but annoyed at herself for bringing Ashley up. She was going to start making Roger puzzled. He wouldn’t know whether she wanted to be his girlfriend or not and since she didn’t either, it wasn’t fair to talk of things like past relationships. “Sorry.”

“That’s alright,” Roger said, calming down slightly. “Why did you bring Ashley up in the first place?” He was looking fixedly at the grass ahead of him: Sky guessed he didn’t want to discomfit her.

“Just reminiscing some more.” They had been reminiscing for the past half hour. They had so many shared experiences to talk about. But part of Sky just wanted to snuggle up against Roger and sit in silence, immersed in the atmosphere of the Spring Dance and her personal contentment.

“Okay then.” Roger didn’t seem dissatisfied by her answer at all - it was truly wonderful how he never questioned her. Sky suspected he wouldn’t question her if he thought she might be lying to him.

“Do you remember when we were five? There was a day when we were at your house and we drew pictures of each other. You titled your drawing ‘Sky the Sunny Fairy’ and I wrote ‘Roj’.”

Roger’s mouth quirked upwards.

“I do. I used to think you were a magical being disguised as a human, working secretly for the Fairy Spy Service.”

Sky laughed. “Really?”

“Oh yeah. But I always kept quiet in case the fact I’d found out meant you had to leave me.”

“Aw,” Sky said. “That’s adorable.”

Roger looked up at her, frowning from painful emotions.

“I’ve always been scared of losing you, Sky.”

Sky hugged him tightly, startling him judging by the sudden tension in his body.

“Well, you won’t. Friends forever, yeah?”

“Yeah,” he murmured, putting his arms around her back.

“I love you,” she whispered. “You’re my brother, even if we’re not blood-related.”

“I love you too,” Roger murmured, understanding the type of love Sky was talking about and, naturally, reciprocating it.

“I hope we stay near each other for always,” Sky told him, feeling like a little child clinging tightly to her mother after a nightmare.

“Me too, Sunny Fairy,” Roger said softly, no hint of a joke in his last two words.

Sky sighed in satisfaction. “Sunny Fairy and Roj,” she said, making them a partnership.

“Sunny Fairy and Roj,” Roger agreed.

The End

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