The Idea That Ruined My PlanMature

So, I decided to create a piece of work for which I would write love scenes in prose which wouldn't have a plot to distract me from the simple pleasure of writing romantically and what happens? I get a plot idea. -_-

At least it's a very loose plot idea that ties a few couples-in-love together and doesn't really need planning and events other than those of their romantic scene. Imagine if I'd suddenly come up with a werewolf solo! Horror of horrors!

I think I shall call this very loose plot idea 'The Six Characters of Fennington Manor' - it's not really going to be much of a story and it fits in with the whole idea of 'Random Scenes of Romance'. I don't think readers would really expect much of the story if that title did happen to appear in a bookstore.

So, it starts with a Spring Dance at Fennington Manor School... Why am I telling you this? Click the link to the next chapter. As with everything that I write, I hope you enjoy. :)

The End

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