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Okay, well, so this is a potential RP I was thinking of doing in Nano, but I have not posted it yet. I remember we were talking about doing a collaborative story, and I suggested doing one based on a RP, so this is just an idea :)

Alwaca: A Land Where All Colors Are

ALWACA (Al-WAE-cah).  The acronym “Alwaca” stands for “A Land Where All Colors Are”. A place where all the colors exist.  Where all colors are thought of, produced, and sent out for the entire world to use.  The lives of each and every Alwacan revolves around the many colors in their world.  Each year, the Orb sends out millions of papers to the Order of Colors, each dyed a new color.  The Order picks one color out of them all, and it is shared for everyone in the world to enjoy. You ask, “But what and where is the Orb?”  The Orb.  The shimmering, multi-colored Orb is the source of all colors.  It is in the shape of an ordinary vase, and is hidden in some secret place by the Order of Colors.

ORDER OF COLORS.  The Order of Colors is basically the government of Alwaca.  There are thirteen members, six that are Trigot, six that are Qelima, and the last member is the Orb.  Each may call the Order together when there is a conflict, important announcement, or a big event.  The way things are decided between tribes is by the Orb.  The Orb spits out two pieces of paper.  The two tribe leaders each randomly take a piece of paper, on which there is a color (The color on each leader’s paper is different, of course).  No one is allowed to see what the color is, except for the two leaders. Then the Order, including the Orb, is given two colors to decide from.  They pick one, and whichever leader has the color that is picked the most, gets to do what they want to do.

There are two tribes, the Trigot (TRI-git) and the Qelima (Kee-LEE-mah).

TRIGOT.  This tribe controls all water and generally presides in the left half of Alwaca. Their leader is called Rhoredon, a man. The Trigot tribe usually consists of many water manipulators--people who can control water.  Some also have the uncanny ability to be able to know what you think.  Still more can turn things into other things.  Although the Trigot tribe is strong and strategic, its only downfall is loyalty.  While loyalty can be good, it can also not be so good.  The people of Trigot are so loyal to each other, they are willing to sacrifice many valuable things in order to save those they love.   And some of those valuable things are, indeed, very, very precious.

QELIMA.  The Quelima tribe maintains all dry land.   The Quelima leader, a female, is named Gwalira.Their tribe typically includes shapeshifters, or people who can change shape/appearance, and there is also the ability to remove memory.  There is one, rare gift, that allows the person with the gift to see the future.  These rare people with the sight-seeing gift are called Futseers (FYOOT-see-erhs)The Quelima people are generally strong and fast.  Yet some do not use their power for good.  They are slippery and persuasive, able to make a person do something that they would originally not want to do...

THE SITUATION. Someone captures the Orb,  and everything goes black and white.  There are no colors left in Alwaca, A Land Where All Colors Are.  Will you continue on with your dull life, or will you act to help get the Orb back?  The future of your world depends on what you decide to do.

The End

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