30. Big Finale

DanniTaylor - Final Countdown... Literally...

"Be a little grateful Trish. I just saved your life and killing you is the last thing I've got on my mind." I said, smirking.

"So." The voice was back. It boomed painfully loudly around the room. "I think you have both learned. Not much has happened in your dimension since you left. Any time spent here is seconds in your world. I believe you should both be hungry by now. " The voice paused. "The next pair are ready for initiation. Wonderful. Goodbye and good luck to both of you. Trish, DanniTaylor, I bid you adieu."

With that the voice vanished and the room around me began to fade.

"Goodbye Danni." I heard Trish shout.

"Goodbye Trish. You know what? I think this would make a good humorous tale. People could learn from it." I paused before everything faded completely. "We should work something out."

With that, the white room disappeared and both myself and Trish were back at home, safe from surprise attacks once more.

The End

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