29. Helping Hand

Trish - Lacking Creativity

Okay. Maybe my vocals aren't that helpful at all. In the end, whatever fantasy I'd had of my soundwaves breaking through the rock didn't come true. Danni had opened the rocks, probably from hearing the bloodcurling scream I'd given. I came floating out of it, spitting out all the water and shivering.

"How did you know I couldn't swim?" I gasped.

"I didn't." She stuck out her hand and I took it, getting back up to my feet.

"Thanks," I said, giving her a genuine smile that wasn't completely evil. She smiled back and for the first time throughout the game, we both weren't thinking of our next move.

"So it's your turn," she said. I frowned when she brought that up.

"I pass," I muttered, taking a few steps back and Danni stared at me in surprise.


"Yes, I lack the creativity to come up with anything brilliant at the moment. So it's back to you trying to kill me, again." I gave her a sarcastic grin and she laughed at me.

"Be a little grateful, Trish. I just saved your life. And killing you is the last thing I've got on my mind."

The End

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