28. Scream

DanniTaylor: One (wo)man rescue

After about a minute, I heard Trish's scream from inside the two boxes of rock. Neither of them even cracked and the scream sounded like one of pure terror.

I couldn't leave her in there to die.

Could I?

No, of course not.

Within seconds, I'd smashed open the rock and made the water disappear. The fish and sharks vanished with the water as well. At least that was something I wouldn't have to worry about having killed.

I knelt next to a coughing and spluttering Trish. I hated to be nice to her, but killing her was a bit far.

"How did you know I couldn't swim?"she gasped.

"I didn't." I said, helping her up and making the water evaporate.

The End

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