25. A Game Of Dodgeball

Trish - *Duck* Whew! OUCH!

I felt a grin of victory make its way to my lips as I swerved the tornado towards the direction of where I thought Danni might be. What I didn't expect were the projectiles. The first one hit me square on the stomach, knocking me to the ground. My gaze moved from the tornado towards the source of the throw and found Danni, an impish grin on her own face, aiming more of these buggers at me.


I quickly got to my feet and moved out of the way, ducking each and every object she threw at me. I ducked quickly when one of the biggest came flying to my head. Whew. The next one hit me right on the heel of my shoe as I got up, sending me tripping right on my face. Well that hurt.

I glared at Danni and stood up quickly. If she could play with nature, so could I. I motioned my hands up quickly and a barricade of rock was created in front of me; protecting me from any other projectiles she was aiming to throw at me. I surrouned barricades all around me; enclosing me in the space. Leaning against the cool rock, I tried to catch my breath; knowing that soon enough Danni would come up with another genius plan of hers to attack me.

The End

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