24. Bronze

DanniTaylor: Gained a few pounds (in woman talk, that means a LOT.)

Well. The eye of a hurricane is interesting, but somewhat limited. Worth seeing, but not worth going to see.

I bet Trish thought I'd be running right now. If I'm honest, I've had enough with running. I thought I'd just make myself a lot heavier. That way, the wind can't pick me up and I don't have to run! It was perfect.

Trish was driving the hurricane forwards, to where she assumed I was running to.

Well, while I was here, why didn't I come out with some surprise attack? I ran through the elements we'd used: fire (yelp), water (oh lordy), wind (rather nippy I must say) but no earth. I suppose I would use earth then.

Motioning my hands upwards, huge pieces of the floor came up (despite the wind). Waiting until I was at the edge of the hurricane, I was frantic with excitement at my new projectiles. Then, of course, I launched them in the general direction of Trish, hoping each would be true to their mark.

The End

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