23. Air As My Ally

Trish - Nature's Forces

I glared at the laughing Danni as she sat down on the floor, waiting for my next move. I hadn't expected the ice cold water to hit me and here I stood, shivering on the outside and boiling on the in.

Sighing, I thought for a moment of what to do. So far, I'd used fireballs, and gotten attacked by water. Of course, air was also left to add to the game. Grinning, I breathed in deeply and then blew out softly.  Danni looked amused as I formed small clouds in front of me, waiting for the full move.

Closing my eyes, I blew out with a force, creating a tornado to form in the midst of the group of clouds I'd created. The tornoado was huge in width and height and I couldn't quite see past the thick haze. But I knew, that my opponent was probably mkaing a run for it.

The End

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