22. Going to China

DanniTaylor: My brief trip to China and back

I could hear her mock me as she landed on the ground and kept going. "Boy, did that move backfire on you."

Hah! She thought it had gone wrong! Silly, silly Trish.

As quickly as I had fallen, I went sideways slightly, so I was underneath Trish while she was resting. Boy was she in for a shock.

Putting my hands together, I blasted water upwards. It must've sounded like an earthquake from where she was, but it was sadly only a jet of water. The force behind the water tore through the rock, breaking though it faster than I'd fallen. I wondered how long it would take to reach her when I heard her scream with shock. I chuckled to myself. It was no surprise to me, I'd made the water almost ice cold.

I lifted myself up the new shaft that the water had created, still shooting the water up. When I reached the top, I stopped the water and sat down. I simply laughed at the now shocked, cold, drenched and angry Trish.

Oh what a laugh!

The End

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