21. A Safe Drop

Trish - Summons

I closed my eyes tightly when I felt myself fall through the air at a speed too fast for me. I had to do something! The pain would hit me any second now when my body hits the floor; a pain I wasn't too willing to experience.

I put in the will, blabbering words to myself. I could feel Danni's eyes on me as I did so. The words were meaningless; a vain hope that something would appear to cushion the fall. And at the farthest corner of my mind, I could still hear Danni's voice echo in my mind of how ridiculous my move had been.

I wrapped my arms around myself, just incase my summon hadn't worked but the moment my body brushed ground once more I didn't feel the pain I'd expected. Instead, a soft bed of feathers cushioned me. I looked over at Danni and found the ground cracked instead, the shape of her body embedded into it.

Oh man, her move had backfired against her.

The End

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