19. Fly and Return

Trish - Forgetting the Supernatural

I stopped running the moment Danni stopped throwing the shots at me. Trying to catch my breath, I turned around with my hands on my knees, waiting for one of her sarcastic remarks. But she didn't say anything but "It's your turn". And then plopped down on the ground, waiting for me.

I didn't have the enthusiasm left to come up with something amazingly supernatural. Instead, I reached deep into my pocket, closed my eyes and wished for it. There, got it. I drew it out and I saw Danni's brown eyes widen in surprise.

In my hand was a wooden boomerang; one that wouldn't hurt too much if it her square on the back of her head, like I was going to aim but would send her running just like I wanted it to.

I threw it out my hand, hoping it would get the target and waited to see Danni's reaction.

The End

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