18. Chase

DanniTaylor: Like a cheetah

I was fuming. I kept launching the shotputs at Trish as she ran. Soon enough, I gave chase. I ran faster than I'd ever run before. "That doesn't take much though, does it?" hissed the voice at the back of my mind. "Would you kindly shut the **** up?!" I exclaim in my mind.

Sometimes I wonder for my sanity. I really do.

I stop suddenly. I stop launching shotputs. I stop running. Surprisingly, I don't even pant. It's almost as though I wasn't running in the first place. Then I shout out to the still running, but quickly slowing Trish.

"Oi." I shouted simply. Trish seemed to evaluate the lack of heavy metal balls raining down on her and turned around. "It's your turn." I say.

Then, I promptly sit on the floor and await her next attack.

The End

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