17. Less Entertaining Than It Looks

Trish - Running For Her Life

In a not so far away past:

"Bea! They're doing shortputs now! Come on!" I heard my friend call my name and I quickly hurried back to him, sitting down. We were watching the Olympics and now they were doing the shortput. I always found it entertaining to see people throw heavy cannon-ball like things as far as they could.

Chuckling to myself, I settled back against the sofa and watched the television as the night passed away.

Now in the present:

I guess seeing things on television has a difference from doing it in real life. Well I bet no one was caught in the predicament I was facing. After all, no Olympic player actually threw the shots at someone, the way Danni was throwing them at me now.

I ran for my life, hoping none of those cannons would crash into my skull and break my head open.

The End

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