16. Damage

DanniTaylor: Payback really is sweet.

The fireball burned my back, singeing the fabric of my clothes, the force sending me flying. One hit Trish too. I landed in a crumpled heap on the floor, already focused on creating a new top to replace the one that Trish had ruined.

Turning  around, I heard her whining. "That was not fair. You knew it was my move and you hurt us both. You could have killed us!" she shouted.

I laughed. Was she being serious? "You wanted to throw them both at me, which would have almost instantly killed me. Are you for real? You want to talk about unfair? I saved us both."

I furious. How dare she accuse me of trying to kill us both!

Without thinking, I launched something at her. I only had time to realise after I'd thrown it that it was a shotput. Wow. Why couldn't I be this strong in P.E lessons?

After a brief pause, I continued to launch shotputs at her as she turned on her heel and ran.

The End

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