15. Plans Gone Wrong

Trish - Energy Blasts!..ouch.

I tried to breathe slowly as I formed the balls of energy in my hand. It almost looked like fire as it formed, making me tired with every step it took towards its full formation. The thing that completely took me by surprise was even when seeing me form my new attack, Danni didn't look scared at all.

Instead she waited for me to do something, expectant. Oh well, it's her funeral.

I stood up, a grin making its way to my face. Just as I took a step forward and aimed the energy balls in my hand in her direction, I felt myself trip and fall on my face. My weapon ended up bouncing off the walls in aimless directions. With no ide of who it was going to land on, we both ducked with me trying to squirm out of my position but it felt as if my feet were glued.

It must have been her work. I glared cruelly at Danni but her eyes were fixed on the walls, flickering from one to the other. Just when she turned in my direction, one of the flaming balls hit her with a powerful impact on her back, sending her flying through the air. The other hit me on the back and I groaned. This hadn't turned out the way I'd wanted it to...and it was all her fault!

The End

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