14. A Sticky Situation

DanniTaylor: Action, or lack of it

Oh lordy, this was the most hilarious thing I'd ever watched. Eventually I let Trish out, but not after I'd nearly wet myself laughing.

I lowered all the podiums again and waited to see what she'd do.

Her hand reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin. She flipped it and then stood there. I mean, she didn't do anything for ages. All she did was glare at me. If she thought she might gain laser vision, it wasn't working.

"Hun, you can't glare me into submission y'know." I said. There was no reply. Well, this was weird. Kinda awkward as well.

Without saying anything more, only glaring back at her, I glued her shoes to the  floor. Oh boy would she have a surprise when she couldn't walk. That would be funny. Besides, she wouldn't know, I did it secretly.

"Are you going to do anything, or can I assume that if you don't say anything or move in the next ten seconds that I've won? Yeah? Okay. Ten..."

The End

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