12. Hamster Balls

DanniTaylor: Hamster Balls are surprisingly hard to stand up in...

The force of the light ray knocked me out of the bubble of zero gravity and made me land with a surprisingly gentle bump on the floor.

Oh lordy she's clever.

But not as clever as me. 'You hope.' Piped up the voice in the back of my mind. 'Oh shut it.' I reply before realising I should probably get up off the floor before Trish thinks she's won.

With a bit of effort, I stand. Breathing deeply, I begin my counter attack.

"You should've thought harder about getting yourself stuck in that small space Trish. Silly, silly Trish." I mock.

I see her panic slightly and try to get out - too late.

I made the edge of the zero gravity ball impenetrable

Rising on a circular podium, I stop the zero gravity inside the hamster ball and Trish falls to her knees, her face worried. From other parts of the ground, I make other podiums rise. Then, with a single, hard swipe of my hand, Trish is bouncing between all the podiums inside the hamster ball.

"I hope you like Pinball!" I yell and smile.

The End

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