11. What Would My Brother Do?

Trish - Can It Get Any Faster Than This?

I blinked at her and for the first time felt unsure of what to do. Geez, how smart could she play against me? It would be impossible for me to throw or attack her in any way as the effort would be useless with her being surrounded by a zero gravity environment.

“What are you going to do now Trish?” She mocked me, smirking. “Take your time.”

I grinned back at her, making my outer front look confident; the complete opposite of how I felt inside. Closing my eyes, I breathed slowly. This kind of thinking hurt my head. What could possibly break through zero gravity. If only my brother was here...what would he have done?

My thoughts flicked through all the memories and times of when Locke had lectured me on the universe and his astrophysics-related conversations. If only, I'd been paying closer attention, it might have been useful now.

Okay. Basic facts. What are they?

Ideas cropped up in my head.


1) Create a black hole that could somehow suck Danni in and declare me winner. Too complicated.

2) Scream my head off, and wait for the sound waves to slowly reach her, distract her and then do something intelligent then. She'll see it coming.


Argh! Useless ideas. If only I could do something fast.

I froze for a second, and Danni stared at me; waiting with a grin on her face. Fast. That's the keyword. The only thing to break through zero gravity would be light. I felt a smile make its way to my lips. She was going to love this.

Making my way to the nearest wall, I stretched my arms and shook my legs out as it were a warm up exercise. Danni crossed her arms across her chest, waiting. Placing one foot on the wall, I mustered up all the energy I could come up with and pushed off. I slowly sailed through the air, the closer I got to her, the slower I flew. I saw her laughing at me, her hazel eyes twinkling thinking that I'd done the most stupidest and useless thing ever. But she didn't see it coming.

Just when I was closest to her, and she had to duck to avoid me crashing into her head, I formed my hands into a gun-like figure. Grinning, I slowly brought my thumb down and out came a light ray. It didn't matter that we were in zero gravity. Travelling fast through the air and pushing all other molecules aside, it hit DanniTaylor square on her back. That sure must have hurt.

The End

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