10. It was the Incredibles actually...

DanniTaylor: I always did want to be an astronaught...

Trish jumped on me. I was flattened like a pancake, but it didn't hurt at all. The only noise to escape my lips was laughter and I could see that infuriated Trish to no end.

I pinged my body and aunched her gently off my elastic body so I could stand up in shape once again. I thought about what she'd said before about me being Mr. Fantastic and came up with a reply. "I know you think I'm amazing and fantastic and all, but I was going for a more Mrs Incredible, formerly Elastergirl." I smiled and then the room shook.

I shot a glare at Trish - it wasn't her turn - but the look on her face said she had as much to do with this as I did. A deep voice from nowhere boomed all around us, painfully loudy, "You know the rules. No direct combat. You won't get another warning, so be careful." Oops. I guess we'd forgotten about that. The ground stopped shaking and everything returned to how it was before. I gave Trish a sly smile and dipped my head. I was rewarded with a glare.

What could I do now? I needed to think fast and it needed to be good. I'd run out of ideas. What if...? Yes, that was it!

I clapped my hands together and decided on a defence move. Rubbing my hands, I brought them out in front of me like a mime on the street pretending to be stuck in a box. Trish gave me a smirk and shot me a look that said, "Oh yeah, what're you going to do now then?" I was about to show her.

Around me, I created a hamsterball of zero gravity. I decided to try something. Kicking my legs and curling up in a ball, I did a flip and landed elegantly on the ground again. My hair was floating freely, like in water, but let her try to trow anything through zero gravity!

"C'mon then!" I said with a wink, standing in a hero pose with my hands on my hips.

The End

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