9. Mr. Fantastic Much?

Trish – Rocking It


The explosion sent me flying as my body smashed against a wall and slowly slithered down back to the floor. Wow…what in the world had just happened? Getting up, I realized my view was a little blurry and that I was a bit dizzy. Only after two seconds of walking, I tripped over and fell to the ground, face flat. Ouch.

I heard the evil laughter of Danni as she watched over my pathetic self. I glared up at her through my messed up black strands of hair which I blew away and got up fast. Ow! Head rush. Leaning against the wall for support, I looked at Danni in confusion.

“Dude, what the hell did ya do?”

That’s when I noticed her flexible and stretchy self. Wow. It was as if comics had come alive.

“Mr. Fantastic much?” I joked, my voice taking on a lighter tone.

She grinned at me in an almost friendly way as she played around with her rubbery self, waiting for me to make a move. Obviously, it was going to take me a while as I was in a daze at the moment. I wasn’t even sure what to do now.

Well....if she could be Mr. Fantastic, why don’t I join the team?

Just as the thought struck me, I found myself transforming. I looked down at my skin which were now turning into thick, red, block like rocks. Awesome!

“It’s clobbering time!” I yelled, imitating one of my favorite characters in the Fantastic Four team. I literally jumped on her, the weight of my body probably making her flat pizza [literally].

This was going to be fun. Too bad Invisible Girl and the Human Torch couldn’t join us though.  

The End

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