8. How far can you bend?

DanniTaylor - Rubber (surprisingly versatile)

Well... I didn't expect that. At least it's fresh. The wind was a torrent, twirling higher and higher until it was just a looming mass of foreshadowing evil. The wind started to settle as a huge grey cloud. This one didn't quite look like candy floss though.

An almighty crash boomed from overhead. I snapped my head to look upwards. Rippling terrifyingly through the clouds, I could see the static electricity - almost as if it were charging up for a lightning bolt. I had an idea.

The lightning was released, but not before I'd made my move.

I felt the crackling of the lightning tickle my body as it was absorbed. I laughed out loud from the sensation. I could see that Trish was getting angrier and angrier, releasing more lightning bolts.

Each bolt was charged with even more power and I was rolling on the floor laughing harder than I ever had before. The power surges stopped coming and I was able to stand up again. Brushing myself off, I looked up at Trish. She was livid. I continued to brush down, knowing that she'd be awaiting my move. Just like a game of chess. Lucky I happen to be the reigning champion at school then.

Coughing, I made a large metal pole erupt from the floor. Trish grinned manically, wondering what sort of a move I could pull off with this. A pile of heavy metal disks appeared. They resembled manhole covers.

Wrapping my arm around the metal pole, I checked again that it was firmly set into the ground. Picking up one of the heavy disks, I cradled in to the crook of my arm and lent back.

Trish's face dropped as my body stretched to accommodate the weight and size of the disk. Launching it from around the pole, it spiraled overhead Trish and began to drop towards her. As it was just over her head, it exploded into a million pieces, the explosion sending Trish flying.

I loved having a body made from rubber. It meant I was electric proof, bouncy and stretchy.

The End

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