6. Balls of fire, raining down from the sky (shortly followed by: the end of the world)

DanniTaylor: Cool Summer Breeze (but without the sun, sadly)

Trish drenched herself in water to clear the half dried, encrusted glue and feathers. When she finished she looked back up at me, fists clenched, mouth tight.

"What are you going to do, chicken?" I mocked. Serves you right! I thought with a smirk.

"Suit yourself." Came the cold reply. In an instant, I felt balls of fire whipping past my face and clothes.

Yelping, I turned and sprinted away, sure that Trish would be hot on my tail. This is not the time to bring out the awful puns you keep stored in that little locked box, covered in cobwebs at the back of your mind! I sternly scolded myself.

For once, just once, I wished that I could run. Alas, it was a heated, spur of the moment thing. One more. Said the little people in my head. Say one more of those annoying and unfunny puns and we're gone.

"Cool it!" I murmured, unable to do much else as I was so out of breath.

Suddenly, I was aware of the lack of fire balls in my immediate company. I stopped, and panting I turned to face Trish. A smug look of warmth was spread all over her face.

Her hands held two fire balls, each of them hovering slightly over her palm. They didn't seem to even be scalding her.

"Got any last words?" She said with a smirk.

"Hmm..." I pretended to think for a few moments. "Well, I am feeling put out, but I know you'd want something good. Especially after that awesome attack. It was totally hot." Trish gave me an appalled look. "Don't look at me! It was short notice to be asking questions like that! It's hard to come up with puns in the heat of the moment." I paused. "No...? Fine. Tough crowd." I said, rolling my eyes.

Quicker than a forest fire I put both my arms out in front of me,  brought my right one round and back and pushed forward towards where I had it in the first place - hard.

It released a huge gust of wind that swirled into action. Soon, it was a hurricane, hurtling towards it's target - Trish. Almost idly, I spun my finger, making the hurricane grow larger and swirl faster.

The tiny flames were snuffed out and Trish took a cautious step back.

"You're going to need those running skills of yours," I said. "'Cause you're going to need them to get away from this one."

I laughed, forcing the wind to hurtle towards Trish at a terrifying speed.

The End

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