5. Revenge

Trish: Vengence Is So Sweet But In This Case, Also Hard To Cool

I glared at her as she struggled to keep a straight face. Oh yeah, I was a chicken, very funny. Maybe quacking like one would make me fit the role better. I summoned water balloons into my hands, seeing this Danni stepped back quickly, thinking I'd launch it at her. But instead, I dropped them over me, starting to clean myself up.

It was my turn and she patiently waited for my move. This little game of ours was like chess. And in the end, I'd checkmate her. She will be going down. No one beats me.

The moment I was cleaned up, I looked down to check that I had no more 'chicken feathers'. Till now I hadn't noticed the clothes I'd been wearing: Black hoodie top with white shorts and converse shoes. Not that 'battle-like' but it had "Trish" written all over it; and that's all I needed.

"Run away when you have the time," I hissed at her.

She smirked in response and said, "What are you going to do, chicken?"

"Suit yourself."

And the next second, I was launching fire balls at her. She yelped and started running as fast as she could but my long legs helped to keep my speed. Good thing I was part of the track team for a year, that was going to help.

The End

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