4. A Sticky Situation

DanniTaylor: Eye of the storm (and possibly eye of the chicken too)

"Awwh, is someone getting angwy?" she teased in a baby voice.

My eyes practically caught fire as I peered through my gooey, slime covered hair as I raised my head. I was a storm and she was stuck in the eye.

Before Trish could even blink, my hands contained filled balloons. They were squishy and ready to pop with a moments notice. I launched them right at her. She turned and fled away, running into the distance as the balloons full of oil and washing up liquid exploded all around her.

Laughing, almost manically, I gave chase.

Jogging slowly towards my target, I kept launching them at her feet. I watched as she slipped and fell, landing in the slimy substance. Sprinting towards my prize, I conjured up something I was sure Trish would hate all over her.

I loomed into her view. I raised my hands above her face and dropped the contents.

Several more balloons exploded all over Trish, covering her in a thick layer of glue. Stopping myself from laughing, I added a personal touch to the attack. Rubbing my hands above her, feathers were released.

Twirling downwards, they landed and stuck into the coat of glue. As Trish stood up, I couldn't help but laugh out loud at her ridiculous new look.

"Oh yes Trish." I said, smirking. "I've always thought the chicken look suited you."

I tried to keep a straight face and be ready for the next attack she would be launching at me any moment now.

The End

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