2. Instructions...

DanniTaylor: Whisked Away (but sadly not by a handsome prince)

I blinked and raised a hand to shade my eyes from the almost blinding whiteness of this place. Slowly, my eyes became used to the unnatural over-exposure of light and I found I could lower my hand once more.

I looked around. Where was I? At first glance, it looked like a huge, empty room.

What? A moment ago, I was lying peacefully in bed, procrastinating by having a theoretical random object fight, violently throwing blankets and dictionaries at Trish on Protagonize, and now I was here?

Something in the seemingly empty room, moved.

Even from here I could see who it was. Well, well, well... I thought to myself. What a tragic little tale this is going to be.

Hmm... better look cool. After all, I don't want to goof up at the beginning of our historic battle! I looked down at my clothes. Awesome! Acid washed jeans and a tight, black t-shirt. Not bad for a battle outfit.

Slowly, I walked through the vast and open nothingness towards Trish.

"Hello?" I heard from the distance. Why hello to you too Trish. A wave of realization swept across her face. "We meet again!" She called. Hah!

The realization on her face was replaced by an evil smile. I was walking towards the jaws of evil and I was going to win. Something that looked like it was straight from James Bond! I thought to myself. Well. Now was as good a time as any to make the first move. But how?

As I moved closer to Trish, my undone laced, well worn, short, battered boots crunched softly against something on the floor. I looked down to find a piece of paper. At the top in a bold heading it read: "Instructions."

Picking it up, I began to read aloud:


This is a random object fight. Due to your misuse of the game on the website "Protagonize" you must battle it out face to face in this dimension.

You will find any object you want by thinking of said object. You are allowed to throw, toss, chuck, lob and otherwise launch any object you desire at the opponent. Direct fighting is not accepted and any writer who does will automatically lose.

The winner is the fighter who is left standing at the end of the immense battle. There is no time limit and the winner will be have to complete a special quest once they have won.

Any fighter automatically loses if any of these rules are broken.

You may start when these instructions have been read out fully."

I chuckled.

"I've got three words Trish. Bring. It. On."

The End

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